Wednesday, 17 February 2016

February at Winkworth: some recent photos

Less words and more photos is the theme of this blog post, as there's not been a massive amount of new wildlife sightings to report since my previous post.

Worth a mention though are the seven Red-legged Partridge which were in Rowe's Flashe Meadow early on the 10th Feb - the highest count I've seen at Winkworth to date. Then on the 13th I was lucky enough to witness two Stoats scurrying around the gardeners' bonfire and compost area, just up the slope from the viewing platform. They were in view for several minutes and it was wonderful to watch them running about and diving in and out of the various piles of logs and things. Just typical I didn't have my camera to hand at that moment!

Luckily, both I and volunteer Ann have had chance to get out in the arboretum with our cameras recently though, and here's a selection of photos from the past couple of weeks.
Singing Robin - Matt Phelps
Long-tailed Tit - Ann Jacobs
Song Thrush - Matt Phelps
Grey Heron - Ann Jacobs
Hazel catkins - Ann Jacobs

Cherry blossom - Ann Jacobs
Ribes sanguineum (flowering currant) - Matt Phelps

Daffodils - Matt Phelps
Willow catkin (presumed Salix laevigata) - Matt Phelps

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